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Queens Nightclub

    Queens, NY

    Project Architect for Gertler Wente Associates
    Featured in Polish Edition of Elle Decor

    We were given the challenge of converting a run-down tire warehouse into a Greek nightclub.
    The owners wanted to divide the space into a dance floor and a more private cocktail lounge.
    We achieved this by locating the main bar and dance floor on the ground floor, and the
    cocktail lounge on a new second floor loft. A floating, glowing orb further distinguished the
    two spaces, allowing each its own identity while still retaining their communal connection,
    especially heightened every night at midnight when hundreds of white roses were tossed
    down onto the dancing throngs below.

    Architecture of Queens World LoungeArchitecture of Queens World Lounge

    Architecture of Queens World Lounge by Josh Goldstein

    Architecture of Queens World Lounge